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                                                                 WHY KEEP PAYING THE BIG GUYS?   GENERATE YOUR OWN POWER!

                                                   Be self sufficient and use the energy of the sun and wind for all your daily power needs.


                      The sun and the wind will never send you a bill!


In a power cut or blackout situation, a simple and inexpensive DC to AC inverter can run lighting and other household appliances from a 12 volt deep cycle battery powering up emergancy lighting, refrigeration, computers, telephones, cash registers or chargers for cellphones etc . 

We have heavy duty inverters available that allow fridges and freezers, drills and ALL other powered devices, to be powered from a suitable 12 Volt source when no grid power is available.                      These inverters, coupled with solar PV panels will power entire house holds with no on going power bills to pay. 


Alternative Power Solutions NZ supplies products for power generation that is not reliant on the national grid for power to homes and businesses. We also have self reliant stand alone, off grid systems for remote energy applications like off grid unpluged cabins and RV campers. 

                                                                         You can harvest and use the free power provided by wind and solar collection. 

Generators and inverters with storage facilities can run all electrical appliances that currently use grid electricity. This is a reliable and green eco alternative now!

Why not consider solar panels, or a wind generator, with an inverter and deep cycle battery storage. You will never need to pay for unreliable and ever increasing power companies bills again.

                                                     It's clean, it's green, and environmentally friendly and once set up and maintained, FREE power for life. It is not just a dream!

Starter kit for Home lighting, RVs, Mobile homes or Mobile workshop Priced from NZ$2995.00.


Be independent of power lines and power companies and be proud to harvest what nature is offering to us FREE of charge.


                    As oil and natural gas prices climb, the cost of harnessing the power of sun and wind is dropping. A new advancement using "nanotechnology" (the science of building microscopic materials from single atoms or molecules) has enabled scientists to develop a "photovoltaic ink" that converts sunlight into electricity. This ink can be attached to a smooth surface or integrated into roofing material producing power at a third of the cost of some traditional silicon panels.

This will give us the world’s first printed thin-film solar cell in a commercial panel product.


Unfortunately for Nanosolar while they were developing this "ink" the demand for solar power world wide has exploded, so production of traditional solar panels has been hugely increased.

This increase in production and subsequent on going sales has brought the price down to the same level as the new nano technology, virtually putting the company out of business.




 Need a private off the grid getaway

                *Solar powered 2 bedroom cabin for sale on nearly 2 acres of freehold land.*


Nestled on nearly 2 Acres of Magnificent tree studded freehold, organic Carbon Neutral Land in clean and green New Zealand,

        Just One Hours Drive North of Auckland City in the rural sea side openness of magical Mangawhai.

                                                                                   Priced at NZ$799,000  (US $480,00 Aprox) Enquire Now!.

                 On a hilltop with Magnificent 180 Degree Farmland vistas with Sea and Coastal Outer Island views.       

                                       Click: For More Details & Photos.    

                                     Own a Slice of the New Zealand Clean Green Lifestyle.



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